Occupational Disease

Each of Wakefield Law’s Partners has decades of experience of successfully pursuing Industrial Disease Claims, to include Occupational Deafness, Vibration White Finger, and in respect of Asbestos Related Conditions.

The Partners of Wakefield Law have each successfully pursued Claims against multiple Employers, ranging from Retailers  to Multinationals and Local Authorities.

The Partners have in depth knowledge of many local Employers, both past and present, and have records dating back over many decades, regarding the Insurers on risk for those Companies.

Wakefield Law handles Industrial Disease Cases to include:

• Occupational Deafness
• Asbestos-Related Disease
• Occupational Respiratary Disease
• Vibration White Finger

And Wakefield Law works on a No Win, No Fee basis.

Wakefield Law will always undertake home visits, where required.

If you have any questions, speak to Wakefield Law on 01924 201444 or call Jim Parkin direct on 01924 203804. Alternatively, email Jim Parkin at jparkin@wakefield-law.co.uk

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